Current Beer Listing


Dot Ale - 5% ABV - American Pale Ale

Dorchester's True Brew: A classic pale ale with hints of orange and grapefruit followed up with a malty character. A hoppy experience with a well-balanced malt character.


Hip Hop IPA - 6% ABV - New England IPA

Rock the Bells! Our showcase  NEIPA with flavors of tangerine and lemon coupled with piney notes. Hip Hop IPA is a crowd and staff favorite. The brand is a dedication to Hip Hop music and culture.


Bobby Ferguson - 6.5% ABV - American Stout

Who is Bobby Ferguson? An oatmeal-milk stout with hints of sweetness that is smoothed out with roasted malt. Bobby is our staple stout that continues to win over beer lovers. We like to think Guinness finally has some competition.

Also available in NITRO!


YOB - 5.7% ABV - Bavarian Pilsner

Do your Job. Drink your Yob! A thirst quenching pilsner with a slight note of citrus coupled with German malts. Yob, which is simply Boy spelled backwards, is an UK word for a hard headed youth. We like to think the name is more in line with a stubborn beer drinker.


Five Dollar Shake - 8.3% ABV - New england IPA

So hazy,the weatherman calls for a week of awesomeness! A New England IPA Double Dry Hopped with Mosaic Hops. Brewed with an extra dose of Lactose to give you that ultimate milkshake feel and body. FDS will soon be the Milkshake IPA to have and drink!