Beer Listing

We are a Nano Brewery, so our beers are in small batches and they sell fast. When a brand is released or re-released, they usually sell-out in 2 weeks. Please be patient with us with regards to inventory. We've only been opened for less than a Year. We are targeting 2019 for expansion.

  • Space Saver - 6.5% ABV - New England IpA

Space Saver NEIPA is in direct reference to the annual task of securing your parking space during the winter season. Whether you use an old recliner, an Elvis bust or simply a lawn chair, Space Saver helps you relax after a day of winter combat. A floral, tangy hazy New England IPA that is very drinkable. Not heavy but certainly save some space in the tummy. Currently on tap!

  • Catharina - 6.0% ABV - Mango Kettle Sour

An absolute phenomenal Mango Sour. Tart and juicy, not overly sour. Very drinkable. Currently on tap!


Who is Bobby Ferguson? An oatmeal-milk stout with hints of sweetness that is smoothed out with roasted malt. Bobby is our staple stout that continues to win over beer lovers. We like to think Guinness finally has some competition. Currently on tap!

  •  After Hours - 8.8% ABV - Imperial Stout w/ Vanilla and cold brew Coffee

After Hours is our first Imperial Stout brand. It has a sweet body, which is complimented with single origin coffee sourced from Brazil. A dash of vanilla is added to give the brand a distinct profile. Offered in NITRO too! Currently on tap!

  • Brag About It! - 9% ABV - Braggot

Braggot is a form of mead made with both honey and barley malt. It typically uses 1/3 or more malt and may have as much as 50% malt. We brewed our Braggot with Wild Flower Honey from the Midwest of the United States. The brand did not have a heavy sweet taste, but rather a good balance between honey and malt. Currently on Tap!

Sold Out, but coming back very soon!

  1. Dot Ale - 5% ABV - American Pale Ale

  2. YOB - 5.7% ABV - Bavarian Pilsner

  3. Five Dollar Shake - 8% ABV - Milkshake NEIPA

  4. Aloha Sunday - 8% ABV - Pineapple Milkshake NEIPA

  5. Sunset Over Munich - 6% ABV - hibiscus tea Hefeweizen