Beer Listing

We are a Nano Brewery, so our beers are in small batches and they sell fast. When a brand is released or re-released, they usually sell-out in 2 weeks. Please be patient with us with regards to inventory.

  • Bobby ferguson - oatmeal milk stout - 6%ABv

    Our famous flagship stout. Great taste with a smooth body. Currently on Tap

  • yob - Pilsner - 5.7% ABV

    An exceptionally crisp Pilsner. Currently on Tap

  • Tripel Decker - Belgium Tripel - 9% ABv

    Our first Belgium Tripel with a smooth taste and excellent body. Currently on Tap

  • Dot Ale - American pale ale - 5% ABV

    A true fan favorite. Very drinkable, well-balance pale ale. Currently on Tap

Sold Out, but coming back very soon!

  1. hip hop ipa - 7.5% ABV - ddh NEipa (april)

  2. Sunset Over Munich - 6% ABV - hibiscus tea Hefeweizen (April)

  3. Five Dollar Shake - 8% ABV - Milkshake NEIPA

  4. Aloha Sunday - 8% ABV - Pineapple Milkshake NEIPA