Small Batches. Big Taste.

Located inside the Norwood Space Center, Unit 4B, Percival Brewing Company is a Seven (7) barrel nano-brewery with a tap room, a rotating art gallery and an on the premise coffee roasting business, Kahfee Roasting Company.

We brew various styles of beer and experiment with different types of ingredients. Currently, we only offer beer pours of 5, 12 and 16 ounces, including Crowlers (32 ounce cans with a twist cap) for take-aways. We also offer flights or a wooden paddle that holds 4 - 5 ounce beer pours. These are ideal for sampling various types of beers from the menu.

Hours of Operations:

Mon - Wed                      CLOSED 

Thursday - Friday         4 PM - 10 PM

Saturday                       2 PM - 10 PM

Sunday                           2 PM - 8 PM

The brewery is in an open concept industrial space. The front entrance has two large garage doors, including a main door. The main wall holds art for the Wall Art Gallery, which is rotated with new art every 6 weeks. The taproom is comprised of a handmade pallet bar and vintage wine barrels, including leather couches for those lazy beer days. Customers are welcome to leave messages on our steel columns, and most importantly, laughter is constant.

Freshly Roasted Coffee


A good cup of coffee can bring a bit of joy to your day.


I’ve bean waiting for this!

We have finally put into production our coffee roaster for our sister business, Kahfee Roasting Company. Kahfee is located within the brewery, behind the taproom area. All our beans are single-origin, fair trade and sourced from very reputable suppliers, Olam Specialty Coffee.

The Dopest Brands!


Now Available!


Now available!

Four awesome brands are pegged for release:

  1. Dot Ale (Pale Ale) - Nov. 17th

  2. Yob (Pilsner) - Now Available!

  3. Five Dollar Shake (Double IPA) - Sold Out!

  4. Bobby Ferguson (American Stout) - Now Available!

We wanted to use a sleeve application, so that our customers can experience the full artwork of the label. The design of each label is unique to that brand. We don't name all of our beers after the brewery's name, Percival. That is so boring! Instead, we use a stand-alone branding strategy. This way we can provide a better story about the origination of each brand. Cans will be offered in 4 packs of 16 ounces.


Wholesale Distribution

In the past months, we started distributing our brands locally, mostly in cans. No kegs or logs yet. Inventory is small and tight, but we are glad to provide products. Any interest in our Products, please feel free to email us: